Seven Data Engineering Trends to Watch in 2021

This is a repost of my feature on the Silectis blog. With our Magpie platform,  you can build a trusted data lake in the cloud as the shared foundation  for analytics in your organization. Magpie brings together the tools data

Improve Your SQL Skills: Master the Gaps & Islands Problem

Understanding how to solve the gaps and islands problem is critical for advanced SQL practitioners. In this post, we explore advanced techniques that can help you generate new insights and transform existing data into useful models.

Uncomfortable Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

In job interviews, there are numerous information asymmetries. Job descriptions lack details about what the position really entails and are vague about what the company actually needs. Employers hide weaknesses in leadership, revenue growth, and employee morale. Hiring managers and

The Ultimate Onboarding Checklist for Remote Developers

A guide to the unique challenges that remote developers face when joining a new organization. Everyone knows the nervous routines of starting a new job: sweaty palms and jitters upon walking into the office, back-and-forth internal dialogues as you sort

Speaking at the Cloud Analytics World Tour - April 2018

Those who are familiar with my work and this blog know that I am a huge fan of Snowflake Computing and the work the company is doing in cloud-based data warehousing. So I reacted with great excitement when offered the