Stable Diffusion Weights Release: How AI Goes Mainstream

Synthesized images, video, text, and audio will become the defining mode of conveying the utopias we dream of and the dystopias we fear. If you can describe a vision for the future, you can generate convincing & vivid multimodal portrayals.

Day 1 Experiments with StableDiffusion (AI Art - August 2022)

The folks over at [] released their text-to-image model into beta testing yesterday. Overall, I am extremely impressed! I look forward to following along and participating in the great community they're building over there.

Experiments with AI Art (August 2022)

I've been experimenting with AI-generated art for about 8 months now. I am consistently blown away by the pace of progress in the field and the creativity and ingenuity of the community. For your viewing pleasure, here is

AI Resources (May 2022)

I put together this post for the purpose of sharing interesting resources with friends and colleagues who want to learn more about advancements in the AI space. It's not meant to be comprehensive, but instead a branching out

Seven Data Engineering Trends to Watch in 2021

This is a repost of my feature on the Silectis blog [] . With our Magpie platform [],  you can build a trusted data lake in the cloud as

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